5 Life Lessons Learned from Little League Baseball

Little League is full of life lessons. Keep your eye on the ball.

Baseball has been America’s pastime for over a century, and has been shaping young lives the whole time. Growing up playing baseball, kids are bound to gain more than just a couple hours out in the sun getting some exercise. There are also friendships and victories to be had, and failures and defeats to be handled. Little League baseball offers life-changing experiences, and can teach your children a lot more than how to field a grounder or throw a curveball.

5. Teamwork

One of the first things a kid learns in Little League is how to work with the other eight (or more) kids on the team. Your team becomes your family, all working toward the same goal. This life lesson carries through to so many future endeavors, where success cannot be achieved without the help of others.

4. Overcoming Failure

Whether as a team or as an individual, not everything in Little League will be a success. Kids have to learn to take failures in stride, keep their heads up, and stay focused on improving. The next pitch is coming before you know it.

3. Hustle

Baseball requires 100% effort on every pitch. Just as such, life is well-lived when you give all your important tasks everything you have to offer. There will be time for rest between pitches and between tasks, but when you have to step up to the plate, it’s an important life lesson to know that you’d better put your all into it.

2. Humility and Respect

Baseball is a game where succeeding once out of every three times is considered great (only the top 25 players in MLB history had career batting averages above .333), humility and respect are key life lessons to good sportsmanship and teamwork. Your greatness will be balanced with failures, as will your teammates’. Showing up early with your shirt tucked in and your cleats tied up is a great start.

1. Hard Work

Some players will make baseball look easy, and some people can make life look easy. Neither one truly is. The pros that your kids idolize got there by working hard every day to achieve their goals. You won’t get to the top without putting in the work first. This life lesson is as true as it is cliche: practice makes perfect.

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