Tips for Staying Inside the Baseball

tips for staying inside the baseball
Staying inside the ball is key to becoming a better hitter.

A common phrase batters here a lot is to “stay inside the baseball.” Knowing how to do this is critical to becoming an effective hitter at all levels, but can be difficult to learn. Here are a few tips for staying inside the baseball that will benefit players and coaches alike.

Let the ball travel

Don’t try to go out and get the ball with your swing. Let the ball come to you enough so that you’re making contact right about the time the ball passes your front foot. Trying to hit the ball too far in front of you will cause you to get outside the baseball.

Elbows In

The most important aspect of staying inside the baseball is the positioning of your hands and arms. To get the most power out of your swing, you want to keep your arms bent and hands closer to the body when making contact with the ball. You should only extend your arms through the ball after contact.

Hit the Ball Where it’s Pitched

Ideally, you want to make contact with the ball slightly below the equator line and towards the inside of the ball, or the side closest to the batter. There are three places over the plate the ball can be pitched: outside, inside, or over the middle. Don’t try and control where the ball is going to go after the hit too much. If the ball comes inside

Stay Within Yourself

Youth baseball players are still young guys figuring out their game, but it’s always important to know your strengths even if you’re just figuring them out. Not a power hitter yet? Focus on improving your swing until your body catches up.

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