Tips for Breaking in a New Baseball Glove

A new glove can be stiff and uncomfortable — here are our tips for breaking it in.

Part of your job as the parent of a young baseball player is youth baseball equipment manager. Not only are you the supplier of all new equipment, you’re also the fixer, cleaner, and preparer of all things necessary for your young all-star. A new glove can be stiff and uncomfortable, and can make it harder for your youth baseball player to hold onto the ball. Here’s our advice for proper ways to break in a new baseball glove.

The Tried and True Classic Method

Even without special treatment, gloves will eventually break themselves in, right? Just like a new pair of shoes or jeans, breaking in a new baseball glove will happen with use. So if you’re a baseball purist, just head out to the diamond and start playing catch! If the glove starts to hurt or cause irritation, take a break so the problem doesn’t become too painful to keep practicing in the following days. If this is the method you’re going to take, start now (or as soon as the temperatures are above freezing) so your new baseball glove is ready for the spring season.

Wrapping, Oiling, and Conditioning

Oils and conditioners are made to soften the leather of baseball and softball gloves, and they can be very helpful in breaking in a new one. Be sure to only use products specifically designed for baseball gloves, as other oils or conditioners can ruin the material. Most products will come with instructions for proper application and usage. Remember, a little goes a long way. As for wrapping, you’ll want to fold your glove in half, bringing the pink and thumb together. Wrap it with old shoelaces or a similar binding, and leave it to create a deeper pocket for the ball to rest. Wrap a baseball inside the glove for additional assistance.

Glove Steaming

A lot of sporting goods stores nowadays have special equipment designed for starting the breaking-in process right there in the store. A process consisting of conditioning, steaming, and pounding it with a mallet will get your new baseball glove game-ready in no time.
Baseball season starts soon! If you’re in need of breaking in a new baseball glove, get started as soon as possible so you’re not dealing with a stiff and uncomfortable glove on the first day of practice.

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