Indoor Baseball Drills for Fall

indoor baseball drills
With the days getting shorter and the weather colder, you might be looking for alternative places to practice.

As the evenings get shorter and the mornings get colder, indoor baseball players are moving their practices and games indoors to beat the cold weather. It can be tricky to come up with engaging and useful baseball drills to do indoors, but it isn’t impossible! Here are some ideas to use next time your practice needs to be moved indoors that will keep your players happy and your team working on the right things.

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Find a Reliable Indoor Practice Space

Before you can worry about planning indoor baseball drills, you need to find a space to do them in. Look at local churches and schools with gyms to see what their rental and reservation requirements are. Many indoor baseball practices don’t run the risk of causing any damage to their facility. If the facilities manager at the gym is concerned about using baseballs, swap your team’s baseballs out for tennis balls or tee balls for your indoor baseball drills.

Create Your Practice Plan

It is much harder to keep a young baseball team entertained indoors, especially when they are in an unfamiliar space and not using their typical equipment. Limit idle time and keep them moving from activity to activity as much as possible. Consider setting up stations for each drill so that your players can move from station to station over the course of the practice. If you don’t have many people on your coaching staff, ask parents to volunteer and help staff the stations. Most parents are more than happy to help out so don’t be afraid to ask.

The Three Types of Indoor Baseball Drills

There are three main types of indoor baseball drills that work well inside of a gym:

  • Throwing—Have players warm up their arms and have them first practice throwing while kneeling on the opposite knee to practice proper boy alignment and proper form when throwing.
  • Fielding—Bare hand fielding is a great indoor baseball drill that involves hitting ground balls to your players when they are not wearing gloves.
  • Agility—Agility drills are important for any athletic people and they work extraordinarily well indoors.

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