What to Pack for a Travel Baseball Tournament

what to pack for a travel baseball tournament
These guys will be busy on the field all day, but what do you have to keep your other little ones busy?

Fall tournament time is here and as the parent of a child on a travel baseball team, you have a lot of planning to do. Besides going to the preseason meeting and getting along with the coach, you need to keep the family occupied and nourished during a long day of baseball. Here are a few tips on what to pack for a travel baseball tournament.


  • Sports Drinks: While a lot of parents might worry about the sugar content in most sports drinks, they still have some value. Sports drinks help replenish electrolytes, but since baseball isn’t a high endurance event like distance running you don’t need a lot. Try watering down the sports drink to help cut down on the sugar.
  • Water: Teams and venues usually supply water for players, but you and the rest of your family need water too. Always pack a few more than you think you’ll need.
  • Bananas or oranges: The two classic post/between games snack. Bananas and oranges are easy to digest, and have a ton of recovery benefits, which make them great for all day baseball tournaments.
  • Lunch and Snacks: It’s going to be a long day, and a convenient place to pick up food isn’t always guaranteed. Make sure to pack enough for everyone to get through the day, especially if it’s a long tournament.

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  • Sunscreen: Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburnt. Even if it’s cloudy you can still get sunburnt. If you’re going to be outside without any shade for a full day, you’re going to need sunscreen.
  • Bug spray: You can never be too sure about the ballpark you’re visiting, and if there’s any water near by you can count on bugs. It might be precautionary, but having buy spray in your bag is essential.
  • Toilet Paper: Another essential, don’t trust that the facilities will be stocked.
  • First Aid: Every team should have a first aid kit, but you don’t want to go bugging the coach in the middle of a game for a bandaid when you can just throw a few in your bag.
  • Entertainment for the siblings: Kids get distracted easily, so it’s a lot to ask for them to sit quietly and dutifully watch multiple baseball games in a day without getting a little ancy. Coloring books, a soccer ball, or even a tablet for them to play with can make the difference between a long day on the field and an extremely long day on the field.

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