What to Cover in Travel Baseball Parent Meetings


travel baseball parent meetings
Getting the parents together and talking about the upcoming season is a must do before the season.

Parent meetings are a vital part of the travel baseball season. It gives parents and coaches an opportunity to meet and set some ground rules, as well as lay out their expectations for the season. In order to get the most out of a parent meeting, especially since you might only have one for the entire season, have a plan for what you’d like to cover and do your homework beforehand.


Give and Take

Use the parent’s meeting as an opportunity to discuss your vision of the season and listen to what parents have in mind and would like to see. As a coach or organizer you are volunteering your time, so your opinion is just as valid as any of the parent’s. Remember, this is a team so figuring out how to work together and play to each other’s strengths is key.

Communication is Key

Communication is important not just during the meeting, but setting up a system for alerting everyone to any schedule changes or other issues is vital to keeping everyone in the loop. Is email the best way to go, or is texting preferable. Phone calls can be lengthy and burdensome, but making sure each parent has everyone else’s phone number can be handy in an emergency situation. This is the time to address any issue that may come up during the season and formulate a plan of action to deal with them.

We Want You

Parent meetings are great for getting parents to commit to different volunteer duties, or at least setting up a system for volunteering. Defining different volunteer duties and doling them out at parent meetings will give you one less thing to worry about during the season. Also, don’t forget to have everyone sign up for a day on the snack schedule. The snack schedule is arguably the most important reason for calling a parent meeting.   

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