Ready for Travel Baseball? Here are a Few Things to Consider

travel baseball parents
Travel baseball can be a big commitment, so make sure the whole family is on board before signing up.

If you child has shown interest in playing travel baseball, well, great! Travel ball will help them improve their skills, make new friends, and the excitement of traveling for games and tournaments will leave memories that will last a lifetime. But before you go ahead and sign them up for tryouts, there are a couple of hard questions you need to ask yourself.


Is your child ready for a season that could last most of the year? Maybe they have budding interests in other sports they may not be able to pursue if they’re playing travel baseball. A longer season means running the risk of burning out on baseball. Talking with your child about the commitment that being on a travel team takes will help you understand if they’re ready or not.

Skill Level

It’s no secret that travel teams are competitive, and there’s a reason they hold tryouts. Try and look realistically at your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and talk to their rec ball coach. If you don’t think they’re ready, hold off for a season. It may be all they need to get ready for the more competitive level of travel ball.

Time Commitment

Are you ready for a season that could last most of the year? Having a child on a travel baseball team is kind of like having a weekend job. It will take up a good amount of your free time, and require you to be involved. It’s important to take a good, hard look at your family’s schedule and figure out if travel ball is a viable option this season.

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