How to Work with Parents as a Travel Baseball Coach

how to work with parents as a travel baseball coach
Everyone wants these guys to have a good time, but sometimes there are differences of opinion.

There’s an age-old struggle between parents and coaches that, unfortunately, travel baseball is not exempt from. Both sides want their kids to play well, learn a lot, and have a good time. Sometimes parents and coaches don’t agree about how to go about achieving these goals. As the coach, it’s up to you to make sure the players learn how to play the game they love the right way, but parents might get in the way. If you find yourself in that situation, keep these tips on how to work with parents as a travel baseball coach in mind.

Be Prepared for Confrontation

While it’s certainly something you want to try and avoid, confrontations between coaches and parents happen. Sometimes parents think they know better than the coaches, and won’t hesitate to make it known. When these conversations inevitably come up, try and talk as calmly and reasonably as possible out of earshot of the team. Even better, try and talk out any differences of opinion before the season during your parent meetings.

Play Your Position

Every member of the travel baseball family has a role to play. Don’t do your job and it’s a problem. But try and do too much, and it’s also a problem. This is an important message to get across to parents before the season even starts. The kids are there to play and learn, you are there to coach, and the parents are there to encourage their children. If everyone does their job things will go smoothly. A parent that thinks they know more than the coach or is putting unnecessary pressure on their kid can make things difficult for the entire team.

Focus on the Players

Remember why everyone is there in the first place, to teach young men the game of baseball and hopefully a few life lessons, too. That should be everyone’s priority, and if it’s not there’s going to be problems.

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