Life Lessons Learned Through Baseball, Pt. 2

life lessons learned through baseball
Sometimes calls don’t go your way, and that’s ok. Just keep your head up and keep trying.

Last week we started our discussion on the life lessons you can learn through baseball, no matter if you’re playing or just watching. There were too many for one post, so we split it into two. We continue with that theme this week and look at a few more important lesson you can learn from baseball if you pay attention.

Call Won’t Always Go Your Way

You learn it early and experience it often. Before getting angry or upset, think about the other side of the argument and understand why you want something to go one way instead of the other. How does that affect how you’re looking at things? There are times to argue and times to accept your bad luck. Tough break? Move past it and keeping looking forward.

Do the Little Things Well

Working on the fundamentals does two things. First, it helps you have a foundation to build on and get better. You can’t turn a double-play before you learn how to field a groundball. Second, it gives you an appreciation for just how hard some things can be. Work on the finer points of something because you want to get better overall, not because someone will notice.

Have a Plan

It’s great to have goals, they’re what keep us practicing and learning. It’s just as important to have a plan. We’ve already talked about how things don’t go your way sometimes, but now what do you do? Planning ahead will help you deal with less than ideal outcomes and make the most of the situation. Buck would never start a game without a plan, why would you?

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