How, When and Where was Baseball Created?

how when where baseball
Alright class, who here knows when the first baseball game was played?

Everyone knows that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, but how did that happen? Did one day everyone get together and say, “Ok. It’s gona be baseball,” and just like that everyone loved it? Baseball, like most things, has a long and interesting past that could fill plenty of books (like this one). Since we’re a little short on space here, we’ll just give you the highlights.

Before There Was Baseball

According to historians, baseball was most likely based on the English games rounders and cricket. While cricket is almost a completely different game than baseball, rounders has just a few, important differences. While rounders is played on a field similar to baseball, and relies on innings and runs, the bat is shorter and is swung with just one hand. Batters only get one pitch, thrown underhand like softball, and even if they miss they still have to try and run to first without getting thrown out.

The first game of modern baseball was played way back in 1846

In September of 1845 the first baseball club was formed, and they played the first official game of baseball the next year. The New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club was the first official team to play the sport, and had one very important member. Alexander Joy Cartwright is usually referred to as the “father of modern baseball” because of the rules he and his club wrote. These rules, known as the Knickerbocker Rules, made the game faster and more challenging, and set up many standard rules that are still used in the game of baseball today.

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