Great Gift Ideas for Your Baseball Coach

baseball coach
Coaches are an important part of a young player’s development. Show them you appreciate them!

Baseball coaches do a lot for young players. They teach and motivate, they congratulate and console. All coaches love the game, and some have the added pleasure of coaching their own child, but they still volunteer their time and energy to help teach baseball. Show them how much their guidance and dedication means to the team at the end of the season with one of these gift ideas.

Customized Bat

A customized bat makes for a great show piece that coach can show off to family and friends. Get it engraved with the dates of the past season, or have the team sign it for a personalized touch. If coach still hits the field, a new bat with their name on it (literally and figuratively) would make for a great gift.  

Baseball History

There are plenty of pieces of baseball history for sale out there on the internet, and prices vary widely. If collectors items are out of your team’s price range, there are even more replicas of things like newspaper covers from when your coach’s favorite team won the pennant, to old-timey replica jerseys.

Make a Mosaic

This one’s a little time intensive, but is lighter on the wallet than our other suggestions. Head to a local craft store and pick up a poster frame and some glue. Next, print out some of the best action shots and group pictures from this season. Arrange them on the backing to the poster frame before gluing them on to get an idea of how you want to arrange them first. Once you’re happy with your mosaic, go ahead and glue them down. Make sure you let the glue dry before giving it to your baseball coach!

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