10 Definitive Reasons Why Baseball is the Best Sport

why baseball is the best
We love baseball and we don’t care who knows!

We aren’t going to pretend that we don’t have any bias — we love baseball with all our hearts. Whether you’re in agreement or you’re looking to be convinced as to why baseball is the best, the following list is sure to make baseball fans and non-believers alike a reason to smile and nod in agreement. Without further ado…

10. It Has a Great History

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are some of the greatest and best-known athletes of all time. Jackie Robinson changed not just baseball, but sports in the biggest way imaginable. It’s been through both World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, and the turn of two centuries. It’s safe to say baseball is around to stay.

9. It’s America’s Pastime

We shouldn’t need to explain why baseball is the best because America has already decided it to be true. Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet. There’s nothing more American than a baseball game in the summer.

8. Summer Sports Rule

There’s no need to bundled up and shivering to enjoy a baseball game. Grab some sunglasses and flip flops, some ice cold lemonade, and you’re ready to hit the ballpark.

7. Ballparks are Like Cathedrals

Here in Maryland we’re spoiled by the Ballpark the Changed Baseball — Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Other ballparks throughout America aspire to be just as grand, with lights as tall and grand as the sun and grandstands that reach out for days.

6. It Has the Best Athletes

We couldn’t tell you why baseball is the best sport without telling you that baseball has the best athletes. A five-tool stud like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Manny Machado are endlessly impressive, and it’s one of few sports where athletes are expected to contribute equally strongly on offense and defense.

5. It Also Requires the Most Teamwork

We all know studs like John Wall and Alex Ovechkin, but we’d be hard-pressed to name as many players on those teams as we can on a baseball team. Baseball is the sport where it’s hardest for one player to win a game or lead his team to the playoffs practically by himself.

4. Little League Baseball

As far as we know, there aren’t any other sports where 10-12-year-olds from all around the world gather and compete in a nationally televised tournament. It’s celebrated from a very young age, and gives kids an awesome stage to shine and enjoy the time of their lives.

3. It Keeps Your Brain Going

One of our personal favorite reasons why baseball is the best is that it’s so significantly mental. Before every single pitch you need to think about the offensive situation, the defensive situation, where you want to hit the ball, where you’re going to throw the ball if it’s hit to you, where you’re going to run if the ball isn’t hit to you… the list goes on and on. Baseball players are some of the sharpest athletes in the bunch.

2. You Learn So Many Life Lessons

From learning how to lose, to developing teamwork, to striving for improvement and more, there are so many lessons learned on a ballfield that extend far beyond the final out.

1. It’s Downright Magical

There are few things in sports more exciting than a 9th inning walk-off. Baseball lends itself to some of the greatest comeback stories, some of the most impressive records (looking at you, Cal), and some of the absolute goosebump-giving-est moments imaginable. Just step into a baseball stadium during the playoffs and try to tell us you don’t feel the electricity.

So, basically, that’s why baseball is the best sport in the world.

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