Youth Baseball Arm Strength Tips and Preventing Injuries

While many young ballplayers share the dream of becoming their favorite Major League Baseball star by reaching the Little League World Series and eventually the Big Show, it is important for our youth to stay healthy on and off the field. We all know that baseball injuries occur and, at times, there is not much we can do to prevent these from happening but there are some steps coaches and parents alike can take to have their kids compete in and prosper in a long and healthy baseball career.youth-baseball-preventing-injuries


Throwing is a critical part of the game. Whether you are throwing several pitches from the mound, relaying an outfielder’s throw in an attempt to catch a runner off-base, or turning a crucial double play, it is important that prior to the game a ballplayer follows the right routine to strengthen his/her arm and prevent any continuous damage from happening to the elbow or other areas of the forearm. More often than not, heavy focus is steered toward pitchers because of the number of times and different motions their arms can go through in a seven or nine-inning contest. While pitchers are a critical position in the lineup, it is crucial that all youth ballplayers are healthy and are protected as much as possible from injuries.

The seven-step method

According to, there is an active seven-step method for young ballplayers to follow that both improves arm strength and prevents serious injuries from occurring in youngster’s arms. From throwing the baseball with just your wrist, to sitting down and tossing, to performing the popular long toss activity used in all levels of the game, it is critical that you warm up your arm and the rest of your body before playing and institute a cool down routine when the game is over.

Arm conditioning

While it may seem strange to many people, the most important time for a youth baseball player to establish a well-rounded arm conditioning and exercising program is the off-season which usually runs from September to April for most ballplayers in the East Coast. It does differentiate for young athletes who live in warmer climates or for those that are signed up for fall tournament games and travel teams that compete year round. In the off-season, specific conditioning and throwing programs can be less rigorous and easily supervised because there are not games occurring every night. The off-season also allows players to focus individually on the mechanics of their own arm and make a throwing and conditioning plan specifically targeted toward their own strengths and capabilities. Once the season arrives, the ballplayer will already have had an effective program in place that will instantly reduce arm tiredness and, hopefully, reduce and prevent the amount of injuries, swelling, aches and other arm issues.

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