Warm-ups are Important for Youth Baseball Players – Quick Baseball Warm-up Exercises

Baseball Exercises from Sandlot SwagBaseball warm-ups are important before practices or games for all youth baseball players. We have some good warm up exercises specifically for stretching the ball players legs, stomach and back muscles.

Start with the Toe Touch with legs crossed and also without the youth baseball players legs crossed:
Slightly bend your legs while also bending at the waist. Do not bounce as you reach down to touch your toes. Do this and count to 5, and repeat this exercise 3 times. Then do the same stretch exercise however this time cross your right foot over the left foot, hold this position for a count of 5, and repeat this 3 times. Now cross the other leg in front, and repeat this exercise.

Next is the Groin Stretch exercise:
The baseball player sits on the ground and will place the bottom of his shoes together. Grab the ankles while using the elbows to push the knees downward. Hold to a count of 5, and repeat this exercise 3 times.

Then we do Sit-ups:
The typical old-fashioned sit up will work fine here.

The below exercises are designed to help the baseball player concentrate on stretching the shoulders and arm muscles.

We start with the Elbow Pull:
Position the right elbow behind the head and begin grabbing the elbow with the left hand. Slowly pull the elbow until you begin to feel it stretch. Hold this and count to 5, and repeat this exercise 5 times.
Then continue to the other side.

Finally we will do Arm Front Crosses:
Place your right elbow in front of your chest and then grab the elbow with your left hand. The right arm should be straight across the baseball player’s body. Slowly begin to pull the elbow across the chest until you feel it stretch. Hold this position and count of 5 then repeat 5 times. Then do the other side.

Warm-up exercises are very important for youth baseball players as well as any athlete. Before any baseball practice or game, all athletes should take at least 5 to 10 minutes doing general warm-ups followed by stretching exercises. Youth baseball players love the game but warm-ups prior to any vigorous activity is essential to prevent injury. Youth baseball players also like to represent their team colors during practice and off the field. Sandlot Swag Baseball Shorts are the preferred gear for all youth baseball enthusiasts. Check out the cool and crazy designs that Sandlot Swag has to offer online
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