The Tryouts Are Coming! Youth Baseball Tryouts Are Coming!

youth baseball tryouts
Youth baseball tryouts are rapidly approaching — make sure your kids are prepared!

When the calendar flips to a new year, suddenly those late-February and early-March tryouts seem a heck of a lot closer than they did just a week ago when the calendar said December. Now that tryouts are looming within the next month or two, it’s time to start getting into gear for a new season. That means it’s time to start warming up for spring, if you haven’t been working through the winter, that is.

Break Out the Equipment

Maybe your little all-star found a new glove or a new bat under the tree courtesy of Mr. Claus, or maybe it’s time to dig last year’s stuff out of the closet, but either way it’s important to make sure your child is ready to gear up before you head out to the diamond for your first toss of the year.  Young athletes are growing more rapidly than seems possible, so it’s entirely possible that last year’s glove and cleats are now comical small, or the lucky bat now feels more like a tee-ball bat than anything fit for swinging at live pitching. If you don’t want to deal with the grief of getting cut, it’s important to make sure that every piece of equipment is the right size and still works fine before tryouts start.

Warm Up Those Arms (and Legs…and Torsos…and Heads…)

While injuries tend to be less frequent — and, generally, less severe — in young players, it’s still a thousand times better for them to be properly limbered up before the season starts. This will give them a boost of energy for the first practices, reduce fatigue later in the season, and instill good practices for the remainder of their baseball career. Getting throwing arms warmed back up after the offseason — before tryouts, not during — is the biggest key to preventing injuries due to overexertion or unpreparedness. Start by playing some short-distance catch, then gradually increase the distance and velocity as you and your kid get warmed up. Don’t increase too quickly or you’ll be subject to the exact injuries we’re trying to help you avoid! It’s important to also take some batting practice, do some running exercises, and, if your kid is old enough, start some light weight training, because baseball uses many more muscle groups than are immediately evident.  All of these things will also help your child re-adapt to baseball situations, seeing the ball, and thinking quickly.

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