The Golden Rule of Youth Baseball: It should be FUN

According to at least one study, by the age of 13, 70% of baseball players drift away from the game of baseball. Why? Well, the No.1 reason cited is that “it is not fun.” Wait, what? Youth baseball is not fun? Isn’t the entire idea behind youth baseball to be fun? So what is going on?

The Golden Rule of Youth Baseball: It should be FUN

What has happened nowadays? We see it more and more, parents and coaches push these kids to the point that baseball, believe it or not, isn’t fun. Of course, there are other, more impressive reasons to play baseball. It teaches children teamwork and how to work as a unit. Baseball provides hours upon hours of exercise, which is incredibly important when you consider that the obesity rate among young people has tripled since 1978, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But most of all, baseball is so supposed to be fun. But somewhere along the way, parents, coaches, and players seemed to forget that.

Yes, it is okay to work hard and to try to improve as a baseball player. But your son should do this because he wants to, because he has a desire to be the best baseball player he can be, because he finds the sport fun. Baseball should never feel like an obligation or a job. Baseball should be what your son loves to do.

So please do not push your son too hard. Talk to him and find out how much effort he wants to put into the game he loves to play.

Remember, just 5.6% of High School Seniors go on to play NCAA Baseball and just 10.5% of NCAA Baseball Players go on to be drafted by a Major League Baseball (MLB) Team. This means that just 0.5% of High School Seniors will go on to play Major League Ball.

So let baseball be fun while it can be.

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