Offseason Training Tips for Youth Baseball Players

Youth Baseball Offseason Training TipsThe first rule of the youth baseball offseason is that there is no offseason! While you should never push your body too far, the offseason is no time to completely take off and wait for next season. This is the time when youth baseball players should be honing their skills and preparing their bodies. Even if you play multiple sports, it is important to continue to work on baseball-specific exercises and drills to keep your skills sharp.

Offseason Training Tips for Youth Baseball Players

Rest Your Arm Care!

If we have said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. Your arm needs rest, especially if you are a pitcher. Overhand pitching creates a tremendous amount of force, putting the elbow and shoulder under immense stresses and strains. And when children are involved, because their muscles and connective tissues are not fully developed, overuse of the arm can result in injury.

“These kids are not just throwing year-round, they’re competing year-round and they don’t have any time for recovery,” said Dr. James Andrews, renowned orthopedic surgeon.

The ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute) recommends no overhand throwing for AT LEAST 2-3 months a year.


If you are not playing other sports during the offseason, it can be easy to just sit around and play video games all day every day. However, your fitness level will suffer. This is why it is important to continue to work on your conditioning. Go for a jog. Run on your treadmill. Heck, you can walk on your treadmill for all we care. Just get up and get moving!

If you are older, consider weight lifting in the offseason as well.

Hitting, Hitting, More Hitting, and a Little Fielding!

Try to hit at least a couple times a week. In the fall, you can go up to the park and do some tee work. In the winter, you may need to move indoors. Look for a local batting cage or an empty gym. The offseason is a great time to work on refining your swing to get it ready for spring.

Click Here for several winter hitting drills to keep your swing sweet!

If you have the space, the offseason is also a great time to work on fielding. Of course, this is more difficult to do without a partner. So grab a phone, call a friend, and get to work. Click Here for a few easy fielding drills to get you started.

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