How to Help 3rd Basemen Move from 60 to 90 Foot Diamonds

switching baseball diamond
Moving up to a 90-foot diamond can be challenging for any player, but a third baseman has the biggest adjustment.

By about the time your youth baseball player hits 6th grade they will be looking at moving up from a 60-foot diamond to a full 90-foot one. Moving to the bigger field is tough for every player, but pitchers, catchers and third basemen usually have the hardest time adjusting. Here are a few tips for helping young third basemen move from 60 to 90-foot diamonds.

Preach Patience

Usually all it takes to adjust to the bigger diamond is time for a young player’s body to catch up to the demands of a bigger field. If your child is frustrated with the sudden change in their ability to play the game they love well, try to assure them that all it will take is some time before they adjust.

Tips for Third Basemen

Third basemen and catchers have to throw the ball further than anyone else on the field, and switching to a bigger diamond only makes those throws harder. Unfortunately for catchers, the only way to overcome this new challenge is to get strong and practice making the longer throw. Third basemen can do a few things to help make the now longer throw to first. First, they can play closer to the infield grass to make the throw shorter. After fielding the ball, teach them to take an extra shuffle towards first before making the throw. Sure this will take a little more time, but it’s faster than a ball that doesn’t get to first at all. Finally, have them try bouncing the ball to first until they build the strength to get the throw all the way there.

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