Gaining a Competitive Advantage. Is Bat Warming the New Trend?

Bat WarmingOver the past several years, bat rolling has been a hot-button issue in baseball. It is a way to get more power out of a bat and thus gain a competitive advantage. However, there may be a new trend: Bat Warming.

In 2011, in a game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers, South Carolina’s Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a homer in the first inning. While Bradley rounded the bases, Clemson catcher Spencer Kieboom picked up the bat and noticed it felt warm to the touch. He alerted his coach, who came out to protest the bat with the umpire to no avail.

In 2011, South Carolina hit 46 home runs as a team, helping the Gamecocks to a 55-14 (22-8 SEC) record.

How does Bat Warming work?

Bat warming translates to a more reactive bat, resulting in more power, more distance, and greater velocity for a hitter. A warmer bat also means less damage (and less sting) in colder temperatures.

There are currently no rules in Little League against Bat Warming.

What are your thoughts on Bat Warming? Fair or Foul?

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