Fundraising Ideas for Travel Baseball

Kids love baseball and kids love baseball apparel. Sandlot Swag offers the coolest designs for baseball shorts and kids of all ages are rockin’ the swag to represent their colors off the field.

Parents and coaches are always looking for creative ways to raise money for their kids travel baseball teams so they can offset some of the costs associated with travel baseball. Tournaments to uniforms, it can get costly. Team Mom’s and coaches from all over the United States are organizing breakfasts and bull roasts but their is an alternative and it is catching on all over the USA.

Sandlot Swag can customize their cool and crazy argyle shorts using your team colors and logo, for your kids team and you can sell them and raise money. Numerous teams are benefiting from this new fundraising idea from Sandlot Swag. You can also order the awesomely cool standard designs, and sell them to any kid that loves baseball, while fundraising and giving back proceeds to the team. You can set up at baseball tournaments, sell to your kids friends, relatives, siblings, etc. has all the standard designs listed on their website, and also a form you can fill out to learn more about how to get started with your custom shorts so you can start fundraising. They provide order forms and collateral to help streamline the process. The margins are great and it is very easy because once one kid sees these cool shorts that are now available for baseball enthusiasts, all kids will want to Rock the Swag!


Happy Fundraising from Sandlot Swag!


Sandlot Swag Fundraising

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