Celebrating Baseball Moms for Mother’s Day

baseball moms
Happy Mother’s Day, baseball moms! Thank you SO much for everything you do.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day (friendly reminder for last-minute gifts, dads and kids!), and we couldn’t let the day go by without stopping to thank baseball moms for all that they do to keep their young all-stars up and running in the greatest sport of all time. From meal-prep extraordinaire to first-aid master to the coolest chauffeur in town — we offer our deepest and most sincere THANK YOU to each and every one of you baseball moms out there.

Happy Mother’s Day, Baseball Moms

Every mom is a hero in our book, but here are a few things that you can be extra grateful for this Mother’s Day.

  1. She’s your own personal nutritionist, making sure that you’re chock full of all the important nutrients that a growing athlete needs. Smart snacks and magnificent meals for days.
  2. She wakes you up ever so gently (most of the time) for those early morning practices or travel tournaments. Mom’s voice beats a blaring alarm clock any day of the week.
  3. She’s your own personal laundry service and equipment manager. Grass stains and lost batting gloves beware — mom’s on the case.
  4. Mom’s car is the best car. Even if she was sometimes embarrassing, jamming out to old-school Cyndi Lauper, she drove you everywhere, and you always knew you were going to get to your game safe and on time.
  5. While other moms spent their summers, weekends, and nights relaxing and unwinding, baseball moms spent that time giving you everything you needed to make that championship run.
  6. She’s also the team’s personal photographer. Action shots and team photos galore — even if you may never live down that embarrassing team photo from when you were 10.
  7. You can always count on her to be your team’s loudest and most die-hard fan, even if she gets a little carried away sometimes.
  8. Most importantly, she’s your biggest fan. Always there to support you, comfort you, and tell you how amazing you are, win or lose. After all, moms do know best.

So go hug your mom this weekend. Sit down and watch a ballgame. Take her down to Camden Yards this weekend to see the O’s take on the A’s. Maybe even go play a game of catch. And tell her, from all of us here at Sandlot Swag, happy Mother’s Day.

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