Argyle with Attitude: Baseball Shorts from Sandlot Swag

“The nerdiest pattern of them all is now less Carlton Banks, more Joe Strummer,” says GQ magazine. If you are too young to know either of those people, let’s just put it this way – argyle is going mainstream. The once stigmatic pattern is now, for lack of a better phrase, as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Argyle is the New Trendy Pattern

Fashionable men have been wearing argyle for years. Traditionally seen on socks, sweaters, and kilts since the 1600s, argyle has always been seen as a preppy or even a nerdy pattern. Well, that was then and this is now. Nowadays, designers are taking argyle and “warping the scale, turning it sideways, and generally injecting it with the attitude it’s been sorely missing,” says GQ.

Argyle Baseball Shorts from Sandlot Swag – Argyle with Attitude

Sandlot Swag’s Rasta Argyle and Rasta Argyle Stripe baseball shorts truly take argyle to the next level. These shorts are available in youth small, youth medium, youth large, youth extra-large, and adult medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large.


This once nerdy pattern has found its way onto some of the least nerdy clothing around. Designed initially for youth baseball players, these crazy and cool baseball shorts have become very popular for the adult baseball fans as well. All of our Sandlot Swag shorts are designed with a side seam, slit pockets, elastic waistband and drawstring, an inseam of approximately 8 inches, and feature the Sandlot Swag brand on the side panel. We use a sublimation process in which the designs are dyed directly into the fabric, meaning that fun argyle design will not wear away over time.

What More Swag?

Click Here to view our full line of baseball shorts. Don’t forget, Sandlot Swag also offers custom baseball shorts, perfect for travel teams, slow pitch softball teams, flag football teams, school and sports team fundraisers, and more!

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